Sunday, 5 December 2004

Don't forget...because we might.

Yes - the wedding clock. Occationally I update this site and casually glance at the time bomb at the bottom of the site. I laugh to myself and say to Marcus - "heh babe, only x-amount of days till the Wedding". Which is usually followed by more nervous laughter and generally some naive statement from Marcus like "We have everything done really, don't we?". I love Marcus, I really do. Incidentally, we have everything important figured out - such as I want to marry Marcus, he wants to marry me, the number of guests attending, where and what we are eating and how much wine will will serve. What else is there to figure out? Please don't actually respond to this post with a list mom. Apparently there are important things like flowers, a minister, a permit, a dress, a cake, music, a photographer...Yes, I am aware that the clock is ticking and many details will have to be worked out. I have to go now and deal with an acute attack of nausea. Please enjoy the clock.
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