Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Life in the HOV Lane

Whew! Its hard to get a second to write anything anymore since Emma began "cruising". If it isn't prying her off the poor cat, or loosing her behind the couch, she is telling me I don't know anything and that "everyone" in play group is doing it, so why can't she.
OK, so I do exaggerate a smidge, but it feels that way. She is growing so quickly. Emma has been crawling since she was 5 months old. She is now eight months (nine next week) and is climbing on top of everything and walking holding onto the couch or a wall. I think we are in for trouble shortly. Well, the cats are at any rate.

We started solid foods over three months ago. Until two weeks ago, we would feed her only to have it blown back onto ourselves a la raspberry style. I have tried advacado, banana, sweet potato, apple, and cantaloupe. I make the food myself and water it down with copious amounts of breast milk. Its very funny actually. Have tons of proof on YouTube, so do check it out if you haven't already. Lately she is warming up to eating "solids" and has been known to swallow a spoonful or eat a handful of cat food.
Putting your faith in the Cloth
Lots of people have emailed me to find out how we have been doing with the diapers, so I will give a quick song and dance on how great we find them. We started with Kushies (plain cotton unfolded, with nylon outer wrap), and have discovered Motherease (prefolded, fits beautifully), Kissaluvs (low-rise,terry-cloth like hemp)and a few local made ones. There is nothing hard about cloth diapers, they aren't messy, they are easy to wash, and (I think) they are the best for baby's skin - we have had no diaper rashes! They have just been marketed by Proctor and Gamble as a pain in the butt! Recently I cut open a disposable diaper to look at it - it is filled with rice sized super absorbent polymers that will expand when exposed to urine. This is how they absorb so much. I'll change my kid a few extra times a day gladly, then have her sit on that. I am already in danger of beginning a rant, and seeing as I haven't had breakfast yet, it could get nasty. I'll put a few links at the bottom in case anyone is thinking of trying them, or you can always drop me an email to ask me any questions and I'll tell you more than one reason why the disposable diaper industry just plain stinks.
Marcus of Arabia
Marcus spent nearly a month in Saudi the fall. This was a great cultural eye opener for him. As as he is returning on Sunday, I'll let him do a post to give you the update. Although I hate to have him leave - it is nice that he gets to visit such culturally diverse places. I don't have much cause to go to Saudi, and I have my doubts in Ted Kopple's slant on the place, so I am glad that he has gone and experienced it first hand. He brought me back a few newspapers from the region and it is is just shocking the disparity between what graces the pages of the Globe and Mail and these.
Mrs. Turner Goes to Washington
Whilst Marcus was in Al Khobar, Emma and I flew up to Maryland to visit Karen, Peter and Jessica. It was such a nice change from the hot weather here in Texas. We donned our mittens and hats with pride - even when it was debatable whether we needed them or not. Karen took half days at work and we went to the District to see the museums and galleries on three occations. And thanks to theSmithsonian Institution, it was all free! Jessica and I saw a movie and a play as well. This was the first movie I had seen since last January. Must get our more. Saw "Stranger than Fiction" and it was really good. I am not saying that because I haven't seen anything in ages. It really is good - and Emma Thompson is just brilliant. There are not enough good roles for women.
Anyhow - Paul and Jenny are arriving in two weeks so we will try and get in a few updates before Christmas.