Saturday, 27 August 2011

Ah, Italia!

We have returned from our Canadian expedition at last.  Daddy is in Angola, and I will load this video mainly for his entertainment.  It has been swelteringly hot here and the local pool provides some needed relief.  We don't have AC, but we have a membership to our neighbourhood Sporting Club - so in the afternoons we have, jet lagged and drenching with sweat, bummed over to the pool.  A friend of ours has a little three year old who began jumping off the diving board and when Emma saw her do it, she never said a word, but quickly jumped into the queue.  I quietly said "Erm, Emma, you know you have to swim to the edge of the pool - I can't go in to catch you".  Confidently she said "yeah, no problem, I can swim on my back".  Sweet.  Today was day two and I recorded it so daddy could see.  Love it!

Monday, 8 August 2011

Newfoundland bound!

In an alarming reminder that "time waits for no man", nearly three weeks of our glorious family vacation have flown by.  We arrived in Newfoundland togeather (highly unusual) and retreated to my parents' cabin (senza hot water, shower, electricity, phones or cellular coverage!!) and we have, for the majority, forsaken email, facebook and telephones.  It has been a glorious time, and much needed after a hectic spring and the news of yet ANOTHER move, this time to Angola.  
Renewed and refreshed, and full of fantastic family memories, Marcus leaves us today to head back to the rigors of work, and departs for his new assignment in Africa - anti-malaira medication in hand.  We are going to stay on for another week in Newfoundland, then round up the vacation with a pitstop in Halifax for a week to see Auntie Val, who hopefully will have had baby #2 in arms.
Evenings spent at Grandaddy's fire pit.

We saw Shakespear By the Sea's Hamlet at Signal Hill.  Luckily we were armed with blankets , coats and contraband "green tea".

Baked beans, fish cakes, toutins and molasses from the Mad Rock Cafe, Bay Roberts.

The caplin were rolling, so Emma and Marcus rolled up their jeans and jumped into the Atlantic and tossed them up upon the beach.


Marcus eating his first caplin.  Notice Bear Grylls shirt.

Grandaddy at his cabin, bbqing caplin
Western Bay, Newfoundland

Firepit.  And I would like to note that it is probably no more than 10 degrees out.

Northern Bay Sands.

Man who maketh fire.  Woman who love him.

Bell Island in the background.

Prickle backs at Neary's Pond.



Cape Bonavista.

In the old lighthouse at Cape Bonavista.

The Dungeon at Bonavista

Uncle Harrison (a young 93!), Mom, Aunt Emma (a young 86) and Marcus

At the cabin...

Marcus and Emma canoeing down the pond.
Next post will undoubtably be from our newly named blog "The Wilson Turners in Luanda".  Stay tuned!