Thursday, 7 April 2011

Welcome Primavera!

Warning: The word "fantastic" will be used too often in this post. Before I go on and on ad nauseam about how fantastically warm and sunny it is here - I apologise to all my poor friends and family living in the grips of winter back in Canada.  While you are tripling your daily alcohol content to cope with the crippling cold, we are here in Milano are whooping it up, drinking fantastic procecco on our balcony at our shorts (possibly tripling our alcohol content too).  Take heed friends - spring is coming, and if it is'nt soon enough - we have a spare room and bathroom!! 

Ah yes, spring.  The fairest of the seasons.  I usually reserve that phrase for autumn, but today I take it all back.  It is spring!  I am posting pics to show you how wonderful it is here.  I get woken up at 4 by a cacophony of birds, yes at 6:45 the planes start (bummer), but at 8 you hear thwack of the tennis rackets and the throngs of kids walking to school.  When I take Emma to nursery school the air smells so fragrant - the magnolias are out and the cherry blossoms full bloom - I could live here forever!  

Milano Due (M2) is also a fantastic place to live - the community is planned so that you never have to walk on street level - incredibly safe for children.  There are schools, a hospital, a library, parks, a pond (with 9 new baby ducklings!), cafes, restaurants, bakery, banks, doctors, ets.  I thought our former haunt in Greatwood Texas was pretty sweet - but this is pure heaven.   Ok, ok, I warned you I was going to make you sick by going on and on... I am sure there are some drawback to M2 - but today, its just trees of green, red roses too, I see them bloom...tra la, la,la.  And remember folks, the word on the street is: FANTASTIC!

Eve has set her piggies free in this one!