Tuesday, 26 April 2005


So here it is, end of April and we still haven't sent out the invitations. That's because we decided not to invite anyone...
Nope, in true WilsonTurner Overdrive style we are behind. In fact, in our house we still insist that it is March.

But soon, in fact tonight, Marcus and I are going to sit around the television and watch the new Dr. Who and hand write the addresses on each one.
BTW - a word about the invitations. I have to give thanks to my uber cool partner for these. He's really done a brilliant job, I'm sure you will all agree. I'll post a pic of it after we know you guys have received them because I think they are really out of sight. Marcus you rock.

Marcus is home for the next little bit, but will be off to the UK starting May 9 for about a month. He will be attending a 4 week course in Nottingham and then will be take a jaunt down to visit the folks. And speaking of the inlaws, they live in Stroud, I found this really awesome site where there is a webcam of the community. As you can see its truly an idyllic spot. I can't wait to go back and visit.

Thanks for all who voted on where to go for the honeymoon - here is a breakdown of the results:

Cotswolds, England 19.35 %
Tuscany, Italy 45.16 %
Las Vegas, USA 3.23 %
Hedonism (Nudie Resort), Caribbean 32.26 %

I can't believe 32% said the Nudie Resort. Phulesse. As if. But thanks for the feedback anyhow! It looks like Tuscany will be the next trip!

Anyhow - we have settled on England, for a number of reasons but mainly so we can visit friends and family. I am determined to meet up with old friends Stuart and Michelle who are now residing in Sheffield and I have a hankering to visit Annette and Michael Stavely as they will be teaching over in Harlow during the fall.
We shall see...
Check your mail boxes at the beginning of next week!!!