Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Evie is THREE!!!

Evie is now three!!  She loves riding on the back of my bike.  She likes pop music and wants to dance in the kitchen after supper to pop-bubblegum hits from the likes of Shakira or Katy Perry, but has a healthy respect for, and often requests, Tom Waits or LCD Soundsystem.  She still has an afternoon nap, but sometimes skips it.  When she gets a devilish look in her eye she may taunt you and say "I'm the king of the castle and You the dirty waskle!"  or "You have POOPY PANTS!!!!!".  She also likes pretending to get married.  She wants Emma to dip her when they dance, and then get planted on the lips with a big smooch. She thinks motor bikes are "cool".  When we curl up to sleep she asks me "lift your chin up mommy!!" so she can tuck her head underneath.  She flings her arms around my neck and insists that we sleep like that.  She enjoys my piano playing, wrong notes and all, and will turn up her nose to Clementi and instist on "Wing Around the Wosie" to be play 500 times.  She will ask to help out in the kitchen. She will not wear anything you pick out for her.  She has to wear whatever she wants.  You will put up with it if you ever want to go anywhere without an argument or arrive in a timely fashion.  She likes to shout "Ciao!" to everyone she sees.  She is very concerned when she sees a child crying and will try and comfort them or give them something.  If you seem preoccupied or upset, she will say with the most heartfelt voice full of sincerity and concern "You ok? mommy?  You alwight?" She has a smile that makes you forget things...
Evie, September 16, 2011

Her new Playmobile caravan.  Later we watched her playing with this and we when the mommy speaks, she says things like (in squeeky annoying voice), "get your feet of the back of the seat!".  Sigh.  Do I really sound like that Eve?


Please take note of Papa's pearly whites!  Senza braces!

We had a wee party for Eve and I made the famous princess cake that her and Emma love so much.  

Again, Bellissima!

Evie is a mean Mortal and Pestle worker.  She helped me make some good Italian pesto last Sunday.
 The above film is Evie with her new shoes.  I wish I had caught the whole dance, but I was laughing too much to have gotten the phone out on time...