Tuesday, 12 October 2004

The Fairest of the Seasons

I do declare, fall must be the fairest. Seasons of mists and mellow fruitlessness!
We are a little fatter after the Thanksgiving weekend. Already we are preparing to dawn a fat duvet to keep us warm through the winter. The inevitable spread about the waistline has begun...
So we have some new news! We are proud to announce that we have an addition to our small suburban life...Hariette the cat. Harriette got off the plane last Thursday night and has not stopped shredding and biting and eating house plants and sitting at the dinner table and chewing up the paper, and inflicting utter chaos in our life. We are delighted.
Hope you like the pics.
As you will see, she is Siamese. Marcus insisted. He loves them. I am only familiar with the Disney version of the cat and thus thought she would be a terror. I anticipated her arrival as one might anticipate the arrival of a crazy aunt who you weren't sure was going to like you and may just make you clean up after her and fetch things for her all the time. Sorry Aunties, none of you fall under that catagory, but you get the idea.
I was wrong. And we have gotten along fabulously. She is indeed lovely, as you can see. But she does have a slight evil glimmer in her eye....will keep you updated!

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