Saturday, 13 November 2004

Save the Date Magnets that even Martha would envy...

Hopefully by now, you will have all received your magnet! We hope you REALLY like them. It was during the creation of these magnets that Marcus and I discovered what the true meaning of the saying "If it doesn't kill you, it can only make you stronger". It took us about 2 weeks to get them done and out in the mail, during which time I almost put the printer through the window, Marcus and I had a row over the margins and fonts, I spilt a Crantini all over the Oriental Rug and Marcus topped if by tipping his coffee (accidentally) over the entire stack of invitation ready to be mailed. By the time we made it to the post mistress and placed them in her hands, we vowed not to talk about the wedding for at least a month. A month has passed and we have decided we are actually more determined than ever to get married (after all, everyone has a magnet!). However, we have reached deep to come up with some solutions that should help us last forever. A: Do not pretend to be something you are not. We are not crafty people and never will be. We will leave all that stuff to Marthas Stewart type A personalities who can handle that sort of pressure. Not us, we would rather pay someone else to do it. Currency is the key. Not craftiness. B. You are asking for a world of hurt when animated and holding a martin glass. Any fool will tell you that the dimentions of a martini glass practically beg the drink to leaped even when on a flat surface. Which mean "Lisa, step away from the Crantini". This naturally leads to C: Never under any circumstances eat or drink on the rug. Or better yet, never ever eat or drink on the rug when there is a potential for Marcus catching you at it. D: Nobody cares if it is in Comic Sans MS or Tahoma. Let it go... E. Word to the young: Elope. Elope now and don't look back. Even if that is the sound of your poor mother weeping behind you. A wedding is the biggest romance killer since the headache.
Now, all of this being said - we are delighted to say that all is on schedule and we are really looking forward to next summer. Delighted in fact. Hope to hear from you all soon! And don't forget...July 15

Posted by Lisa and Marcus

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Anonymous said...

Lisa- you are hysterical (hysterically funny I mean of course). All I have to say is: I feel your pain. Not to sound unromantic but I have to say that planning our wedding was one of the most excruciating and stressful things that I have ever experienced.

To you and Marcus I say: You are not alone. If you are having lots of rows re ridiculous things it does not mean that it is not meant to be but rather that you are normal human beings. The smiling women in the bridal magazines are all a big facade.

All this being said - I think the best part is having both families and friends together in one spot and enjoying all the stuff that happens outside of the actual event. Oncle so and so gets drunk and insists on singing a Shania Twain ballad for your first dance..

Don't despair dahlings - it will all come together in the end.