Sunday, 29 January 2006

Gazeeeeeeebow......boy ya ka sha!

Gazeebow....the latest music sensation to hit SJ since Great Big Sea?.......Thanks to this new band I nearly died laughing.

CBC are responsible for this post, they had an article talking about Skeets in
Airport Heights, SJ.?..Lisa will have to elighten our British readers on the Skeet definition. I think a Skeet in the UK would be a hooded youth.

Gazeebow are recording these songs and getting them posted on the www. (See links below) It is very funny, sad.....almost as good as the Shirehorses.

Lyrics are not for the faint hearted, consisting of a prolonged diatribe of offensive adolescent views. If you think you could be easily offended do not listen.

Fog Lights


About Hanx


mtothacc_s song


The Anthem

Trikes and Bikes

This is their only collection so far. Various blogs have links to articles or music of theirs. Watch this space, as crazy as it sounds I can see them having their 5 mins of fame in Canada atleast.


The Great Blandini said...

Ah, The Shirehorses.
I saw them live, you know.

I assume you have seen this piece of social commentary.
It's genius.

The Great Blandini said...


Gazeebow have ripped off the Chain!

You knows it.

Momma Jan-o said...

I would think that a woman who is off work and sitting at home waiting for baby to arrive would have time to update her baby blog... Inquiring minds do want to know, ya know :)