Friday, 2 June 2006

Howdey Y'all!

Well it’s been a bit off time since I updated everyone. I have decided that Chaos cannot be used as an excuse any longer. The rest of my life (if not everything leading up to this point) will be a series of chaotic events strung together. Deal Lisa. And I am tired of offering up the same excuses when people say "why haven’t you called/visited/written/updated your blog/been to the gym/picked up the mail in three weeks/washed the floor...etc. The response..."I'm a new mom with a new born who is moving to Texas" is gett'in old.

Did I mention we are moving to Texas? Ahh yes. Well, Marcus has accepted a new position within his work that will warrant moving there for 2-3 years. He was offered this not long after Emma arrived. To get ya'll up to speed (in mph, to be sure):
1. We took a ten-day trip to England so Marcus could get his Visa processed. Emma and I hung out in the Cotswolds with the folks and enjoyed some nice weather and the gorgeous scenery. Emma got lots of lov'in and clothes!
2. Put the house on the market. This place is perched high on top of a hill overlooking Conception Bay. Nice location if you are a sea gull or a windmill. The place is like Weathering Heights. Buffeted by the cold wind. I have been doing Kate Bush impersonations for years and Marcus has never found it funny. This was a sign. Anyhow - hate to say it but I will be glad to leave this house. Can't wait for it to sell as am perpetually cleaning for viewers. Those of you who know me well know that I am no housekeeper. So just imagine it. NOW you understand why I don’t write!
3. Jose Cuervo, you are a friend of mine. We are trading one extreme for the other. Winters in Newfoundland that make you want to stay inside for 6 months and treble your alcohol intake, for Summers in Texas that make you want to stay inside for 6 months and treble your alcohol intake. Sounds depressing now, but wait till I call you next January and tell you how I'm drinking a Margarita in my backyard listening to the Dixie Chicks. Yee haw. Right - so we have a house. A nice little bungalow in the 'Burbs. I am very excited about the sprinkler system. Just like on TV. Little sprinkler heads come out of the ground at 5 am dump a load of water and then disappear again. This has amused me to no end.

And now, Emma and I are back in Canada - Marcus is still in Huston working. My days are filled with Emma and the endless list of "things to do" that accompany a transfer.

As for Emma? She is the best baby I could imagine. She laughs and smiles all the time now. Her latest party trick is holding on to your finders and sitting up - which she then follows up with standing straight up. Obviously she can't sit or stand by herself, she isn’t three months old yet - but she does just fine with the support of two fingers. She also has started blowing raspberries and blowing bubbles, much to our amusement. We don't listen to the radio in the car anymore; we just listen to our baby gurgling in the back seat. And she loves books. No, she can’t read yet - but she finds the pictures interesting and occasionally there is a rhyme that goes with the picture and I assume she finds the repetition or the sound pleasing. She kicks her legs and sometimes lets out a squeal. I live for those squeals. Every day there is something new...

Yikes her ears must be burning, she is yelling into the baby monitor again. Until next time. Ya'll come back now, y'hear?


deadpolaroid said...

Dearest Lisa,

You make my biological clock go 'tick-tock'. I read your blog entry, look at all the photos posted online, and I think to myself; "I want one of those... where can I possibly find one so adorable? The supermarket?"

Alas, I can barely take care of a cat (whose litter box desperately needs to be cleaned), so I believe that another human being, a helpless child no less, would not be a good 'life-choice' for me now. Maybe I should work on not having mold in my fridge.

Baby steps, baby steps (Pun intended, ha ha!)

Hope all is well. Still can't wrap my mind around the insane year this has been for you:

-wedding (incl. wedding extravaganza's +relatives + parties)
-2 trips across the pond
-giving birth
-breast feeding (!)
-moving to another (lesser) country

and we're only six months into 2006....yeesh!

Hope all is well, and you send more baby / mommy / family photos my way!


julie said...

Wow, Lisa! Please keep us up-to-date now and again from Texas - that's wild! And MORE pictures of Emma; she's adorable!

Best wishes,
julie :)

Ann Marie Pickup said...

Hi Lisa and Marcus. I hope the Amuricans are treating you well (that's not a typo - it's an accent!)

It's warming up here (finally- it's June 12). Emma looks wonderful (Marcus looks tired, and you look like the great new mom you are... and tired!)

Just think - only 13 more years to adolescence... we'll talk then. Want to trade my 2 teens for your lovely new baby? No? I didn't think so...

Ann Marie

Marcus & Lisa said...

Ah Larrissa. Thank you for the explicit list of what a crazy year it has been. I am going to memorize it and blurt it out the next time someone gently reminds me that I've forgotten their birthday. Hmmm. But there really is no excuse when you have those email reminders. Foiled again!

Timcredible said...

I pose this question. If you don't adopt your husband's surname post-wedding is it still acceptable to adopt his vernacular.... Treble, Lisa?

Just kidding. Can't wait to see the treble of Wilson-Turner Overdrive in just a few short days. I just noticed St. John's is a balmy 10 degrees today. I'm going to spend my next few days knitting a sweater.

I think I'm getting sand in my keyboard, I better go. See you soon! HOOORRAAAYYY!