Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Easter in England

We have just returned home from Easter in the Cotswolds.  It was wonderful, the weather was spectacular! It was hard to believe it was England and not the Mediterranean.  It has been two years ago THIS WEEK that we left Houston and touched down in England for our, what we refer to as, refugee stint before we moved to Libya.  I remember it was so cold that May, that I had to go out and buy mittens and hats for the girls.  Check the pics and you shall see that there is narry a winter garment to be found. 
Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol.  Can YOU see Marcus?

Clifton Oberervatory's Camera Obscura, viewing Clifton Suspension Bridge

My first Pims and Lemonade, compliments of Uncle Nick!  

Clearing the stile, with a little help from Poppy

Look at the blooms!!
Easter egg hunting!
Checking out the spring lambs

Clothes are always optional with Eve

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