Saturday, 27 August 2011

Ah, Italia!

We have returned from our Canadian expedition at last.  Daddy is in Angola, and I will load this video mainly for his entertainment.  It has been swelteringly hot here and the local pool provides some needed relief.  We don't have AC, but we have a membership to our neighbourhood Sporting Club - so in the afternoons we have, jet lagged and drenching with sweat, bummed over to the pool.  A friend of ours has a little three year old who began jumping off the diving board and when Emma saw her do it, she never said a word, but quickly jumped into the queue.  I quietly said "Erm, Emma, you know you have to swim to the edge of the pool - I can't go in to catch you".  Confidently she said "yeah, no problem, I can swim on my back".  Sweet.  Today was day two and I recorded it so daddy could see.  Love it!

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Hilary Hynes said...

I am here going back through time and enjoying it all so much! My jaw dropped to see Emma jump into the pool like that. Way to go Emma!

PS I haven't commented on every page, trying to get through several, but just have to say I can't stop thinking about the Black Swans!