Sunday, 20 February 2005

The Music Nazi relinquishes her death grip on the remote - send me your suggestions!!!

Marcus and I bring to our relationship very different strengths (and arguably weaknesses) that help make our lives as rich and colourful as it should be. And these strengths complement each other perfectly.
For instance... Marcus is wonderful at putting things in its right place. I have not had a pair of matching socks since 1998. Together out floor is not cluttered and I no longer look like a mental instution escapee.
Another example, and the cause of this discussion today, I have impeccable taste in music and am more than moderately equipped with a wealth of music knowledge. I usually win when I play Music jeopardy and I rule when I get the "Hum-dinger category" when we play Cranium. (Marcus, on the other hand, does not know who Neil Young is, refers to my music as a " that noise" in true circa 1950's father figure fashion and believes that Robbie Williams is the best male singer/songwriter...of all time.)So I spend hours injecting musical pleasure in his life and in turn I feel like Hi-Fi Goddess, keeper of music, dispenser or pop music wisdom.
Without the appropriate checks and balances however, occationaly these delicate but important rolls that we play, are set off-kilter. Marcus's once wonderful organisation skills sometimes seem more like obsessive-compulsive behavior of an anal retentive and clearly, a very sick individual. Who keeps their clothes hangers spaced EXACTLY ONE INCH apart?And maintains colour order within sock drawer? Exactly.
Anyhow in all fairness to Marcus, I am too musically opinionated and sometimes things go a bit pear-shaped and a nice meal ends with Marcus accusing me of being a Music Nazi as I refuse him access to the CD remote. And as I now re-consider the dead-bolt I have installed on the home entertainment system and the Shania Twain Albums that I have hidden from Marcus, I too believe that I may have a problem.
So as my 10 steps to self-healing, the first having admitted that there is an issue, the second one involves me relinquishing my hold on musical devices that are shared by others who have ears. So essentially, my psychiatrist has recommended that for the wedding I ask everyone to list 5 of their all time favorite songs (not necessarily wedding oriented) and that these I must incorporate into the evening at the wedding. Wheeew. There. I said it. So people, if are interested in trying to help me. Post me (or email me directly) a list of songs you LOVE to hear and I will make sure at least one gets played*. Let the healing begin!!!
*Does not include Shania Twain, Celene Dion, Whitney Huston, Barbara Strisand, Chicago, The Eagles, or anything from anytype of "boy-band" anytime after 1988.


Anonymous said...

as long as i get Common People, i'll keep my mouth (relatively) shut. Still think you & marcus should do the staying alive dance from the comedy relief episode of the office for your first dance. Only if Marcus eventually breaks into the "david brent"

Anonymous said...

So you want some musical suggestions. Lucky for you, I have some mighty musical powers of my own. How about this....walking down the eisle with Bob Marley's "jammin" playing. I can feel my hair knotting into dreads already! Song #2 would have to be Song #2 by blur. Rock out with your (exploitive) out! And by exploitive I mean block, or some other relatively tame word that rhymes with rock. Song #3 is White Wedding – Billy Idol. Can't stress it enough. This song has to be played in some fashion. And if that fashion is performed by a certain tall, skinny, slightly awkward, breakdancing, karaokee king than all the better. Song #4 I'll slow it down a bit and say Stairway to Heaven. Last song of the night, you grab that special (or not so special) someone and start making out like the ship is going down. I don't know if it is the drink tickets that'll do it, or the boredom that accompanies slow dancing to a 8 minute song but we'll definitely see a few hook-ups to that one. And lastly, but certainly not leastly, I suggest crazytrain by ozzy. If I can't get it for a ringtone then a wedding song it has to be! Plus it's a little taste of british culture that might make Marcus a little more comfortable when he realizes this is the last time he might have a say in any musical selection. I hope this helps you out when picking music for the big day
Y.W.N. (your worst nightmare)

Anonymous said...

Leonard Cohen- Take this Waltz
Beastie Boys- Brass Monkey
Creaking Tree- not sure what song but will let you know
Joel Plaskett- any song
Can't think of more right now, but will doa further posting.

Anonymous said...

Here's a few:
Harry Connick Jr.-
Nick Drake- Pink Moon
Grand Theft Bus- Low
Sarah Harmer- Silver Road
ABBA- Dancing Queen
Jack Johnson- Posters
Jane siberry- Bound by the Beauty
U2- Sunday Bloddy sunday?? Maybe not...
Rufus Wainwright- April Fools
Tom Waits- Coney Island Baby
Hawksley Workman- Your beauty must be Rubbing off
Gypsy Kings- any of their greatest hits
David Bowie- Queen Bitch
Jim Croche- Either Bad bad leroy brown or You don't mess around wiht Jim
Johnny Cash- Boy named Sue
Blue Rodeo- Hasn't Hit me Yet
richard Ashcroft- A Song for the Lovers

deadpolaroid said...

A Little Late in the Game here, I know, but:

Frank Zappa : Dancing Fool
Smashing Pumpkins: Tonight, Tonight
Weezer: Pink Triangle
Beck: New Polution
Cibo Matto: Candyman or Birthday Cake
Violent Femmes: Blister in the Sun
The Knack: My Sharona
Shudder to Think: So Into You
Tegan & Sara: So Jealous
Punjabi MC: Night Rider ReMix
Scissor Sisters: Take Your Momma Out
Ozma: Coffee Shop Girl
Billy Idol: White Wedding
Various Artists: Entire Wedding Singer Album
Bjork: Oh So Quiet or Pagan Poetry
White Stripes: Fell In Love with a Girl
Sneaker Pimps: Spin Spin Sugar
Squerril Nut Zippers: Put a Lid On It
Cornelius: Star Fruit
Radiohead: Talk Show Host
Madonna: Like a Virgin (for the Parents *wink*)

And oh so many more. I give you lots to choose from, but remember, I used to be a DJ, I know my Music too.
Can't wait to bust a move, etc.

Marcus & Lisa said...

That is excellent Larissa! Funny, I just added Oh So Quiet to my own list last night. Very good dancing song - plus theatrics!