Tuesday, 17 May 2005

Brit Pop Star To Wed Canadian Idol!

request, originally uploaded by Theoddcouple.

So we never really got them out when we said we would...we found a teeny weeny spelling error (does this surprise you?) and as am officially BRIDEZILLA, this certainly wouldn't do. They all had to be printed out. AGAIN.
So I hope you have received it. If you have'nt, blame Canada Post. Or Marcus.

I blamed Marcus when my grandfather demanded to know exactly WHO was the "Mad the bad and the ugly".
It really doesn't mean anyone in particular and its just how the British might say "everyone and their dog will be there". Am I right Marcus? Or did you just tell me that so I would'nt force you to re-print the lot.

Nevermind. I think they are great. Thanks again to Marcus who was zee master mind.


pb.wilson@sympatico.ca said...

Oops..."Nuptuals" should be spelled "Nuptials"...and "ST. JOHNS" should be "ST. JOHN'S"....but who is really checking that closely?

Marcus & Lisa said...

ha ha!
Well I hope are taking notes Marcus!
If anything this is a testiment to how well suited Marcus and myself really are. Anyone who went to school with me, taught me or simply have received a Chirstmas card from me knows I am an ATROW-SHE-US speller.
Hope you enjoyed them anyhow!

Stuart said...

Seriously love the very modern invite! Nice design. Must have confused the living daylights out of the parental units, though. Very, very cool. :^)

Marcus & Lisa said...

We were trying to go for the laid-back, fun approach to the whole thing.

Which is very difficult because the word "wedding" in latin actually means "stress".

Glad you liked them!


Stuart said...

Wedding stress? Ha, what's that?! Seriously though, you are a font of knowledge!

deadpolaroid said...

I thought I CANCELLED my Subscription to SPIN Magazine? What the?
Oh, its a wedding invitation! I get it *grin*
I haven't seen you in ages Lisa, and Marcus, I have yet to meet you, but apparently you are 'with it', whatever 'it' is.
And for the record, you can tell Grandad and 'everyone and their dog' that I am going on the record as being both 'the mad' and 'the ugly'.

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