Monday, 13 June 2005

T-minus One month two days!

Yowsers. Where has the time gone? And why do we blog so sporadically? Everyone else who has a blog seems to be able to take the time to make a posting but every thing else we are so slow.

Well negligent bloggers or not, the wedding is fast approaching. Thanks to everyone who has sent us such lovely emails and phone calls letting us know your plans for attendance. We are getting excited now! Its a constant topic of conversation these days. Everyone seems to asks us about how our plans are going and what we are doing to prepare and I'm wondering what anyone will have to talk to me about once its over...

Feel cheeky having to do this and both of us grappled over the whole registry dilemma, but so many of you asked us we ended up doing it. As a disclaimer we would like to say that if you should rather make a donation to a local charity in our names, that would be fine as well.

The two stores we are now registered with is Sears and Living Rooms. Most of you are familiar with Sears and the registry can be seen online. LivingRooms however is a local store full of gorgeous nick-nacky things. They do however have a toll free number and will fax you details of anything you would like to speak. There, now that that stuff is out of the way here are some local charities that need supporting more than we do!

St. John's Clean and Beautiful

habitat for Humanity
St. John's Women's Centre

Marcus and I are great. We just spent a weekend doing odds and ends about the house. I have started a new garden next to the front door. Its meant to be a shrubbery but I haven't bought any shrubs yet. So we may try our hand at pretending to be the Knights that Say Ni! and begin demanding Shrubberys from all passers by ("one that looks nice and not very expensive!"). Hahaha.
Never mind, silly joke.
And we helped Val out around Dad's house as well doing little domestic stuff that is meant to help us in our certification for marriage, i.e.. changing light bulbs, helping one another erect shelving units and holding the step ladder, making sure all sarcastic comments are muttered under breath...I think we passed.

Have dress fitting appointment this week. Will warrent a new posting I am sure... Wish me luck!!!

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