Friday, 17 June 2005

Don't fear the seamstress

Easy Schmeesy. I have no tales of woe, weeping or gnashing of teeth. No one was told that the dress was simply too small, no one lost consciousness from the act of sucking in and holding the breath, no one was told to go on a crash diet of carrot sticks and celery until the big day and there was no pins stuck into my side in the process.

It was painless and there is no hilarious story to recount.

It will cost me 54$ to get the straps altered and to have a thumb loop attached to train to ensure sure I don't trip and break my neck.

Yes $54 dollars. I could do that for free. Ofcourse my mother would then take the opportunity to remind me that the last time I tried to sew something the arm piece was attached to the neck hole. But surly people, straps can't be that difficult. Not $54 difficult.

Marcus is is presently (conveniently?)out on the briny ocean tusk blissfully aware that he is missing prime wedding preparations. Don't worry, there is a bathroom that needs re-tileing before guest arrive,so I take comfort in that. I would gladly plan and organise two weddings to avoid hard labour.

Saw musician who is playing at wedding on Monday. Marcus and I went to her house and she had a CD which we collectively reviewed to make sure she was including all the arrangements which we felt were appropriate. I ix-ne'd the Pacable and Vivaldi (they are SO done) and Marcus pressed for his favorites. Not Mendelssohn, but rather the Star Wars theme. It was quite difficult to get his attention AWAY from Star Wars ("Sweetie, isn't that a lovely arrangement of Hayden? - "Emm...yeah, but I much prefer the Star Wars theme") but we eventually had it all sorted.

So really, I think the major things are taken care of now. Except for the weather, which so far refuses to co-operate. So don't be surprised if someone at this wedding gets cold feet - literally. Its the 18th of June and a balmy 6 degrees. Blech.

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