Tuesday, 30 August 2005


Well if you haven't guessed what the surprise was, that will have given it away! Indeed, we are going to have a baby! Right now, it is only a tiny blob-like baby, but soon it will be an actual baby!

Two weeks before the wedding we found out. Which put a whole new perspective on things. No more stressing about silly details, there were greater forces at work!

We are now on our week 13/14 and baby it is now the size of plumb. Still teeny tiny. But that little sucker sure packs a mean punch. Mama has been sleeping a record amount of time - upwards of 10 hours a night PLUS naps in the evening or if I can sneak off on my lunch break to the sick room. I have been pretty nauseas as well - although no actual vomiting. Weird. And it can happen morning, noon or night, so forget "morning sickness". As well, I have had a horrible change in appetite. I have just started to drink coffee the past few days (decaf!) but it has been weeks since I could look at a cup. My stomach was turning at the sight of chicken and other meats. It was all I could do to eat a salad or vegatables. I was practically gagging getting anything in. All I wanted was pasta, toast with peanut butter, and salt and vinegar crisps. I am slowly starting to come around now, but for a while I felt like my alter ego appatite took over.
But nevermind. A small price to pay I guess.

So stay tuned to this blogspot as the Odd Couple become even odder as the become...Expecting Parents!


julie said...

Congrats, you two! I wish you two and baby the bestest of best luck :)

Rebecca said...

That is fabulous news! Many best wishes to the two... I mean three of you! :)

Stuart said...

Wow, the news just keeps on coming with you two! Well, a sincere congratulations from Michele and I. Hope you are feeling better soon. Surprisingly, your diet sounds like mine during my bachelor days, if you add beer to the mix... and I survived! Best wishes from Liverpool (soon to be Glasgow).

Anonymous said...
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