Monday, 8 August 2005

The Newly Weds!

Wow - so much has happened in almost two monthes!
I am now Mrs. Lisa Wilson. Perhaps may become Wilson Turner as does have glamorous ring to it. "Mrs. Wilson Tuner, your limo awaits you..." or think "Yes Mrs. Wilson Turner I feel you have made a lovly choice with those 1 caret Tiffany earrings". Perhaps we should have a vote...
Negligent as usual, we have not posted much but will promise some new hilarious stories of the wedding, married life and...wait for it - a surprise! Oh yes, I know how you love suprises.
But not yet.
This blog is going on a honeymoon for another week or so and then I shall return with delicious details.
And hopefully a hook to keep you reading for at least another year...

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Stuart said...

Congratulations you two! I hope your Wedding day was everything you'd hoped for. Best wishes on your lives together from myself and Michele. Any time you want to take a trip to Scotland, you've got a place to stay in Glasgow.