Sunday, 25 September 2005

This is not a time to be vein!

Well our little mini-baby is now 18 weeks old! And for such a young whipper snapper, it sure knows how to run the show.
Now baby is dictating my fashion!!! Last week I wore a pair of heels for the last time. How the hell did Sarah Jessica Parker shoot that season of Sex in the City while traipsing about in Manolo Blahnik's ? Makes me sick.

So today I went to an orthopedic store to get the very sexy and fashionable support hose that pregnant women and old ladies wear. The guy measured my legs and when he looked at my ankles, he declared that I was very swollen. I had to admit, I didn't notice. But there was a very distinct pattern from my pink argle socks left on my leg. So perhpas I was a wee bit. And then he declared me a prime candid for, gasp, VARICOSE VEINS. He insisted I get out of the shoes I was in with the same vigour and panic that one might tell someone to jump from the window of a burning building.

He said my joints were becoming looser and it looked as though I may be up half a shoe size. Then he began to explain, in great detail, about the loosening up of ligaments, the weakening of joints, the expanding of veins and the breaking of valves. I got very weak. I had to sit down.
Apparently this is your body'sway of preparing for labour.


He recommended I start wearing sandals at work, like a pair of Birkenstocks, WITH my new panyhose (BTW: they cost 100$!!!!) and sit for no more than 15-20 min, then walk about. So I am going to be quite the fashion victim for a few months!

Otherwise, we are all happy and health, which is the main thing. Ultra sound is coming up next week. We can't wait. Such an exciting adventure. Will keep you updated.

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