Tuesday, 22 November 2005

The baby in my belly

It has been about a month now since we had our ultrasound! I don't know where times goes-it has simply been evaporating! I am now 25 weeks pregnant and have a nice little belly. This pic is about 2 weeks old - and I have certainly gotten bigger since then.

What was the ultrasound like? Well, unfortunately we had a rather crusty technician who was in no mood to answer our questions - and this was a huge put off and damper on the excitement. I understand now that she was probably just doing her job and trying to get the measurements and the pictures that were necessary for a Doctor to analyse to determine if everything was progressing ok - but there were no bedside manners at all.
I had to lie on a table for half an hour with an uncomfortably full bladder while this woman pressed on my belly with what looked like a microphone and lots of cold gook. Up until this point I was amazed to hear a heart beat, had felt sick and tired, and put on some weight. But there were no other obvious signs that someone else was hanging out in my belly. This was truly and eye opener. Both of us were deeply touched and amazed by it. For the first 5 min. we had very little idea of what we were seeing. Lots of dark and light patches and the woman exclaimed that it was moving around quite a bit. However, I couldn't really feel anything. Then we saw the profile of a little baby curled up. Secretly we both were frantically counting limbs and digits in our heads. Once we saw that everything was where it should be, we asked the sex of the baby. Marcus told me that at that moment he silently began to pray that it was a boy.
Best guess, she announced, a girl.
With no bits and pieces to be seen, it certainly looked like a girl. And to be honest, I have always had an inkling it was. That and the profile of her little face - she really looked like a sweet little girl. An adorable little nose! And you could see her swallowing and her little arms moving and the heart strong and steady.
So with the aid of TV screen, a microphone and a bit of gook - it confirmed that there is someone in the world that is more important that we could ever articulate. A little person that both of us would step in front of a moving train for. If required.
We were lucky that mom was able to be there for this as well. She came in the room once we had seen the baby, and was able to share in our happiness. She did point our that the technition was so horrible, that we shouldn't put too much stock in the sex - as perhaps she was just telling us that as part of an evil joke she likes to play on naive new parents. We are playing it cool with painting the baby's room, just as a precaution. Sexually nutral colours for now!
After the ultrasound I became acutely aware of her rhythm's - when she was awake and when she was partying. I can even see my stomach move now when she rolls around or practices kicking. My uterus is now nearly 2 inches above my belly button I have gotten a few pokes in the lower, floating ribs.
Marcus has adjusted well to the idea of having a girl. He is over the moon to be honest. He was concerned that a girl wouldn't be interested in playing ball or mountain biking or finding out what do-hicky goes where in the car engine. But enough of his friends have girls that he has soon realised that this is all nonsense and that a girl can do anything a boy can do. Only better. (heh heh)

So stay tuned and soon I will return with some pics of our amazing honeymoon - and some good stories.

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The Great Blandini said...

Kids are great.

Good luck!

Am all dewy-eyed at the thought of new babies.
Not that one is in the offing here for a while.
If ever.

I shall live vicariously through you!