Wednesday, 30 November 2005

The Journey Begins.......

Ok it has been some time since I strayed onto the blog to write something. This being said, I do frequent the site marveling at Lisa’s quips and comments on our antics.

Things have obviously been changing. Particularly Lisa’s belly, never have I seen such a large beautiful belly!

However Lisa has an incessant desire to make me look at how her inni belly button is becoming an outey. Please someone save me from this!

Lisa said in her blog before last how there has been a subtle but unmistakable change in the way we are thinking and feeling, with the imminent arrival of our first child. I can only say that so far it has been an amazing magical experience (apart from the belly button thing).

We are fortunate to have friends and siblings around to coach us and give us advice. This being said both of us hate talking baby all the time. We made each other promise that we were not going to do this.

You know what I mean the couple that perpetually talk about nothing else other than their new addition. You may be sat peacefully drinking a coffee in Starbucks and someone comes in with all the clobber (prams & nappie bags) and all you here is “Little Wills took his first standing pee pee today we are soo proud” followed by a 3 hour diatribe on how he is so far ahead of his piers. Please note if you ever hear either of us telling people about our super human baby and that she is effectively the next Isaac Newton or Linford Christie or even both, feel free to shoot us!

Hopefully we will never be that bad, however we have both come to realize that we too are already guilty to a certain degree of baby verbal diarrhea. You can’t help it. Although hopefully we will never have the terminal case afore mentioned.

Lisa is getting more pronounced kicks from her belly. Of course each time I feel the belly the kicks stop. I have even gone out buying baby clothes and made my first mistake.

I had purchased a couple of jumper suits ranging in age from 3 months to 9 months, as I am very aware that they grow quickly. As the cashier was folding the suits she asked “Would you like the hangers?” I responded with a no thank you to the customary question. Much preferring the wood hangers we have at home.

5 seconds later as I realized the physical impossibilities of trying to put the baby clothes on full size hangers. I had to admit to the cashier that I was new to this and that I would need the baby plastic hangersafter all. For some reason I felt I should also explain that I was intending to just put them on our regular hangers at home…….

In true sympathetic husband style I have also been suffering with pregnancy, symptoms are forgetful, tired and growing belly. I'm looking forward to returning to normal......hahaha....The journey begins!

Finally I think I talk for both of us on this one, but as we mentally a tune to being the responsible parents for a new borne, it gives us time to reflect also on what are parents went through with us and how they must have felt. So as our love grows for our baby in turn our love has deepened for our parents as we understand more of how they must feel for us.


The Great Blandini said...


Aren't you just going to shove them all in a drawer?

To be honest, after 2 feeds and that weird tar-like poo, you'll want to keep them in a platic bag in the cellar....

The Great Blandini said...

That's plastic, by the way.

I hate typing.

Jan G said...

Lisa and Marcus...

Ha ha! You may THINK that you will not talk incessantly about your little bundle of joy when he/she arrives, but think again! The minute the little darling is born, your world will shrink to fit her scrawny, screaming frame. You will find yourself talking excitedly about poop and your wife's breasts to anyone who will listen (and other new parents will LOVE to talk about these things with you).

As for the plastic baby hangers...definitely keep them. You'll need them for display purposes as you set up your perfect nursery. Once baby comes home, though, you may find yourselves stashing the few clothes that fit under the change table, and the rest in boxes. It is tricky to wrestle tiny clothing off a hanger with a struggling baby in your arms, or while trying to hold the struggling baby on the change table.

Just my two cents'!

The Great Blandini said...

Keep a heavy book such as a dictionary or the Bible handy for ensuring the baby can't roll off the changing mat.

Or get the cat to sit on him/her.