Sunday, 27 November 2005

So Long and farewell Roaring Twenties

I know I promised a post about the honeymoon, but I think it is only just and fitting to dedicate this one to the departure of my lovely Yellow VW Bug.
Well technically she hasn't gone anywhere yet, she is still in the driveway. But I did place an ad for her in today's paper. Immaculate condition, lady driven, alloys, VW undercoating, pw, pl, sunroof, sunny yellow...sigh.

Farewell dear youth. I know I am waxing lyrical about a car, a heap of metal and plastic that was, lets face it, manufactured in Mexico and possibly way over priced. But the old Bug has served me well for nearly 5 years now and has been a large part of my twenties. Not many people can say they wave at at least two kids a day. Not many people can look in their rear view mirror and watch a couple out for their evening stroll and see the wife playfully haul back and nail her husband on the shoulder. Punch buggy baby. Oh yes, punch buggy. Doors as solid as bank vaults I tell you. What a car. Flowers on the dash, yellow everywhere, people smiling at you just because, and kids loosing their nuts as you drive past them. Just sitting in it could bring your happy level up a few notches.

Now I recognize that this is just a car people. And this car is not at all kid friendly. It cannot fit a baby seat and a stroller at the same time. Baby and I would have some very sad outings together sans stroller. Or sans baby. You just can't fit both in there at the same time. So practicality dictates I move on to a newer, larger, four door family car. So long roaring twenties. Hello thirties, hello baby, hello four door sedan.

Perspective is: a little girl kicking you as you write this posting. Hello little baby in my belly, I know you are more important than a car.

So here is a final farewell to my Beetle! And some pics of her memory.

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Valerie Wilson said...

Farewell dear Beetle! I have to say though, both me and Tim will not miss sitting in the back of that beetle, curved ceilings are not the best idea. Adieu, Adieu...